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Alarming fuel cost rises demand greater need for efficiency, says Kevin Piggott, DRU commercial heating sales manager

British Gas has shocked its 9 million customers by announcing an 18% increase for gas and 16% for electricity during the summer of 2011. There would appear to be no respite from these increases in the future as the energy markets remain volatile. This means that organisations must do everything in their power to enhance the efficiency of their heating systems.

Whilst the average home can install measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, these options are rarely available to churches and schools. So the focus must be on the heating appliances themselves, and the contribution they can make towards greater economy.

Heating via the transfer of hot water or by using inefficient electrical appliances are not the best solutions. They also increase the building’s carbon footprint.

By contrast, DRU high efficiency gas heaters meet most of the criteria. They reach their maximum heat output within 15-30 minutes. And because no water is used, running costs can be more accurately estimated.

For example, a recent church installation of DRU Kamara heaters had one hour warm-up and one hour running time during the service; a total of two hours gas consumption. This resulted in a running cost of £5.33 per hour, or £10.66 for the service.

This can be reduced further by the technology in the heaters. DRU Kamara models have electronic thermostats, which will turn individual heaters off as the building reaches the required temperature.


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