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S Line and Pigalle

These models are now discontinued but spare parts are still available. For further information call 0161 793 8700 or email:

S Line 4

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DRU Pigalle

DRU S Line and Pigalle wall heaters serve the needs of organisations that wish to connect their heaters to a conventional chimney or flue pipe, but want the economy and efficiency of gas heating.

Like the Art and Style series, they require no electrical supply, are compatible with mains gas or LPG, and provide heat outputs from 4.5 to 9.4 kw.

A conventional flue system uses air from a chimney or flue pipe. Using natural convection, the air is drawn into the heater and used for combustion, heating up the heat exchanger within the heater.

Many older and more traditional churches still have a flue pipe or chimney. In times gone by, this was often connected to a cast iron, solid fuel stove. Whilst there might be nostalgia for this kind of heating, in reality it was expensive, inefficient and not very comforatble. DRU S-Line and Pigalle conventional flue gas heaters are modern gas heating appliances that replace the tradtional cast iron stove, but still make full use of the chimney or flue pipe. They can be used in churches, village halls, community centres and in domestic locations. They are also suitable for farms and other remote locations.

They deliver safe, quiet and effective heating with an efficiency rating of 73%. This means that fuel bills can be reduced and carbon emissions kept to a minimum. So your organisation can take control of its budgets and safeguard the environment at the same time.

S Line has a clean, contemporary appearance, whilst Pigalle has a visible flame picture.

Technical Specifications

S- Line and Pigalle

Part no Model Heat output kW
Heat output kW LPG Efficiency % Flue diameter mm Dimensions mm Weight kg Colours
            Height Width Depth    
SLINE4 S-Line 4 4.8 4.5 73 80 679 580 250 18 1
SLINE6 S-Line 6 6.5 6.5 73 80 679 720 250 23 1
SLINE8 S-Line 8 7.6 7.6 73 100 679 780 250 24 1
SLINE10 S-Line 10 9.4 9.4 73 100 679 900 250 26 1
CHAMNG Pigalle 7.3 7.3 73 100 725 650 286 47 8


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