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Why buy a gas heater?

Gas heaters have many advantages over electric heaters and other forms of space heating. They are cheap to run, easy to operate and provide warmth and comfort on demand – whatever the location.

Why choose a heater that runs on gas?

  • Convenience - with just one push of a button you can enjoy a delightful relaxing heater
  • The environment – gas is an exceptionally clean fuel and does not emit fine particles or soot
  • The installation – exhaust gases from closed combustion models go straight outside via the exterior walls or roof
  • Flexibility – DRU heaters run on mains gas or LPG (propane), so you can install the heaters in remote sites or portable buildings

What should you be aware of when making a purchase?

  • The availability of an outside wall or chimney to locate the appliance
  • Mains gas or LPG supply
  • Output and consumption of the fire, choosing the right capacity for your home or work premises

Why DRU?

  • Huge choice of many models and outputs
  • Comfortable heating with low gas consumption and high efficiency
  • No electricity required on some models
  • National network of GAS SAFE registered installers and service engineers
  • Over 250 years of experience

Balanced flue, powered flue or conventional flue

Before you buy a gas heater, you need to select the flue type that best suits your premises. What does this really mean?


Balanced flue – provides consistent heat with natural convection and needs no electrical supply

Powered flue – provides rapid heat with forced air convection that can heat a building more quickly

Conventional flue – provides consistent heat with natural convection when connected to a chimney or flue pipe


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