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DRU, successful since 1754!

On 17th May 1754, a sales contract for the building of a new blast furnace was signed between Johan Baptist van den Bergh and some local entrepreneurs in Ulft, the Netherlands. This project heralded the start of a company that is still going strong to this day. The company is called De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers of Ulft or, in short; DRU.

DRU started producing numerous products from cast iron and DRU pots and pans are still well known today. When natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1960s, DRU switched to producing gas fireplaces and wall heaters. DRU is now one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.

DRU today

DRU in the 21st century is a modern company that continues to specialise in producing gas heating appliances. Now part of the German-owned Spartherm group, it is one of the largest producers of gas fires, wood stoves, gas wall heaters and electric fires in Europe.

In 1999 it relocated from its original home in Ulft to Duiven. The buildings in Ulft, which form part of our industrial heritage, have now been largely renovated and accommodate the “DRU factory” where culture and business come together.

DRU has subsidiaries in the UK and Belgium countries and distributors throughout Europe and beyond. As an independent company with solid financial & operational foundations DRU has been awarded the prestigious designation of ‘Hofleverancier’ or a Supplier to the Royal Dutch Court.

Drugasar in the UK

Drugasar was founded in Manchester in 1975 as the UK distributor for DRU functional heating products. It became a fully owned subsidiary of DRU in 2003, and now distributes DRU gas fires, gas wall heaters, wood stoves and electric fires.

Drugasar employs an experienced team of sales consultants, technical, marketing and back-office staff to support its national networks of DRU approved fireplace and commercial heating installers.

Since its inception, Drugasar has supplied heating systems to many thousands of churches, schools, local authorities, social housing, offices, industrial premises, leisure locations and many other diverse organisations.

The mission of Drugasar is to provide organisations with the most cost-effective and efficient heating system possible, taking into account the size of the building, existing heating system, heat loss factors and insulation requirements.

All of Drugasar’s approved installers are fully trained in DRU functional heating products and the individual needs of organisations such as churches and schools. The aim at all times is to deliver high excellence in both heating products and services for the benefit of the communities that the company serves.

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A company founded in 1754
UK commercial heating specialists since 1975
Market leaders in church heating
School heating solutions for independent and state schools
Flexible heating systems for offices and industrial premises
Heating for homes, extensions and conservatories
Gas heating appliances with up to 90% efficiency
National network of GAS SAFE registered engineers
Experienced technical support staff

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