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Home heating needs can change many times over the lifetime of a household. Home extensions, conservatories and offices may not be able to benefit from the central heating system due to the capacity of the existing boiler or the practical difficulties of extending pipework and electrical connections.

DRU gas wall heaters are the perfect solution for supplementary heating in the home. They can be used in stand-alone mode or networked using a time switch. They run on both natural gas and LPG, so location is not a problem. They can be used in loft conversions, garage conversions, extra bedrooms, home studies and many more places around the home.

The main DRU home heating appliances, the Art and Style series, require no electrical supply. They can easily be installed into garden sheds, boathouses, workshops and other locations around the home using an LPG gas supply. They will provide efficient, comfortable and reliable heating for years to come.

For houses and apartments

In apartments and high rise developments, DRU home heating appliances are the obvious solution. They have a range of heat outputs from 2 to 11 kw for small and large rooms. They are easy to install and maintain and safe to operate. They are a stylish and practical home heating option for hallways and landings in large homes or apartment blocks. They can be centrally controlled using a timer/thermostat, so no energy is wasted and fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.

DRU home heating appliances are in use in many Affordable Housing and Social Housing schemes throughout the UK. In developments where it is not possible to install central heating, either because of no gas supply or lack of budget, DRU wall heaters offer a safe, robust and economical solution.

Contemporary gas, electric and wood fires

DRU is Europe’s leading manufacturer of contemporary gas fires which, as well as looking great in the home, can add warmth, comfort and style. To see the full range of DRU gas electric and wood burning fires, visit:


Home Heating Services

DRU provides a wide range of services for home heating throughout the UK. Operating through a national network of DRU approved GAS SAFE registered heating installers, we provide free surveys, consultations, installations, warranty work and servicing. You can contact us about servicing your existing DRU heaters. We also stock spare parts for many older and obsolete models.

If you wish to install DRU wall heaters in your home, or if you are a property developer looking for an affordable heating solution, whether it’s a single heater or a complete new scheme, contact us for a free consultation on 0161 793 8700 or complete our contact form


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