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Kamara Series

These models are now discontinued but spare parts are still available. For further information call 0161 793 8700 or email:

Kamara K7

Kamara K12

Kamara K16

DRU Kamara powered flue gas wall heaters have been developed to cope with large scale space heating in churches, school assemblies, leisure centres, town halls and other public buildings.

Kamara heaters are room sealed with forced air convection. They draw air from outside the building for combustion and heat up the room quickly and efficiently.

Kamara has three models with heat outputs from 7 to 16 kw. They have cool touch casings, so they are safe to use in schools or play centres. And with their extended flue options they offer flexibility of location.

The heaters have been developed especially for churches, schools and large space heating in other public buildings. They have forced air convection, which can heat up a large church or public hall within one hour. The heating is then thermostatically maintained throughout the day.

DRU Kamara powered flue heaters are over 90% efficient, This is an exceptionally high efficiency figure for commercial heating appliances. So as well as delivery comfortable and effective heating, they can also lower the fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions, when cvompared to other ordinary gas heating appliances.

Kamara heaters are effective in both winter and summer. In winter the heaters can be run on a lower thermostat setting to protect the fabric of the building from frost damage. In summer, the built-in fan can circulate cool air.

The heaters have an attractive design that blends unobtrusively in almost any location. They have a contemporary appearance and are suitable for church heating, school heating and for heating many office and industrial environments.

With installers in mind, they are factory T-plumbed for ease of fitting and have a convenient one-piece outer case for ease of servicing.

Technical Specifications


Part no Model Heat output kW Heat output kW LPG Efficiency % Flue diameter mm Dimensions mm Weight kg Colours
            Height Width Depth    
K7PFNG K7 7.0 7.0 92 100 760 760 420 75 3
K12PFNG K12 12.0 11.8 93 100 760 760 420 75 3
K16PFNG K16 16.0 15.7 91 100 760 960 420 85 3


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