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Dunphy and DRU join forces to install new heating system at historic rural church

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical in partnership with DRU, the gas wall heater manufacturer, has installed a new set of

gas heaters and heating control system at the historic St Peter’s Church in Norton Disney, Lincolnshire.

Norton Disney is a small village that sits alongside the River Witham, roughly halfway between Lincoln and Newark.

Connections to Walt Disney

The village owes its name to the Disney family, who were early settlers from Isigny in Normandy following the Norman Conquest, and from whom the famous Walt Disney was believed to have been descended.

The picturesque church dates originally from around 1150. The current building is early English in design, have been constructed in the 15th century, with a fine array of gargoyles and other architectural features.

The new heating system is a straight replacement for the original DRU wall heaters, which had been in service for 14 years.

As the church is only used for services once every two weeks, it needed a system that could warm up the building quickly and maintain a constant temperature when needed.

Selection of DRU Kamara powered flue heaters

DRU Kamara powered flue heaters were specified by Chris Dunphy and his team. They are room sealed appliances, drawing air from outside the building for combustion and utilizing fan assistance to keep the church at a steady temperature. They have small, unobtrusive flues that are just visible on the outside wall, without spoiling the appearance of the church.

Because St Peter’s Church is in a non-mains gas area, the heaters are powered by LPG cylinders that are housed in a special enclosure outside the church walls.

Computer controlled heating system

The heaters are controlled by Christopher Dunphy’s exclusive Church Warden control system, which is programmed to activate shortly before the building is due to be used and never lets the temperature drop below 4°C.

According to churchwarden Alan Haines, the computer controlled DRU heaters are the ideal solution for St Peter’s church and, despite a few teething troubles, are now performing admirably and keeping the churchgoers warm and comfortable.


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