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DRU Flue systems explained

Balanced flue, powered flue or conventional flue
Before you buy a gas heater, you need to select the heaters and flue types that best suit your premises. Here are some of the benefits of each appliance and flue system?

Balanced Flue – Art, Style and Diamond series

  • Flue consists of two concentric tubes. Outer tube draws fresh air for combustion, while waste gases are expelled via the inner tube
  • Natural convection heating, quiet and more efficient than heating water
  • Additional fran assistance on Diamond models
  • No danger of freezing and no need for anti-corrosive additives
  • Heater is up to maximum output in 30 minutes
  • Heat distribution: 85% convection/15% radiant for perfect comfort
  • Heat exchangers coated in Ceramet for longer life with extended warranty
  • Can accommodate wall thicknesses from 70 to 980 mm.
  • Die cast aluminium flue terminal 
  • Integral modulating thermostat with capillary sensor
  • Aerated steel burner with stainless steel head for positive and silent ignition. 
  • No electrical supply required but can be connected to automatic time clock
  • Terminal guards and Internal heater guards available 
  • Natural or Propane gas

Powered flue – Kamara series

  • Flue consists of two concentric tubes (100mm outer and 60mm inner) and can be core drilled using 105mm bit for quick installation 
  • Flue extensions available up to 1 metre 
  • Fan pulls air into a combustion chamber and pushes exhaust gases back outside 
  • Electronic sequence control for continuous safety checks 
  • Electronic spark ignition and Integral thermostat 
  • Delivers heat at floor level with 15 minutes warm–up time 
  • Cool touch and easy-clean outer casing 
  • Set up for remote time clock connection 
  • One piece outer casing for ease of servicing with lockable control panel 
  • Terminal guards and Internal heater guards available 
  • Extended manufacturer warranty on heat exchangers 
  • Over 90% efficiency 
  • Natural or Propane gas

Conventional Flue – S-Line and Pigalle

  • Connects to existing chimney or flue pipe for flexibility of location 
  • Natural convection (virtually silent in operation) 
  • Free standing heaters 
  • No electrical supply needed 
  • Can be connected to a time clock if required 
  • Integral modulating thermostat with capillary sensor 
  • Natural or Propane gas


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